Taras Bazeev Labels

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Fraction Records

Fraction Records is the highly acclaimed full format independant dance music label owned and run exclusively by Alan Nimmo and Andrew Bayer, best known for their work as 'Signalrunners' , 'Syndica' and 'Team SR'. Fraction Records proudly re..

Trance All-Stars Records

[b]Trance All-Stars Records[/b], founded in 2009, is a Czech leading electronic dance music label. We are representing some of the scenes key artists and rising stars alike, with its unique and hugely successful blend of the finest upliftin..


Independent, arrogant label which has been started in 2007. The basic style tech house, minimal house/techno. In the beginning of 2009 it became accessible electro techno. Our company gives the chance to show the musical talent and allows t..

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