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  Duration: 00:03:37
Release date: 2016-12-09
Label: Keeping The Rave Alive
Fri, 09 Dec 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/the-hardest-records-in-the-world-vol-3/not-so-bad-album-edit__8110536
<![CDATA[Iron Planet (Edit) - The Melodyst]]> http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1/iron-planet-edit__7636683 Iron Planet (Edit) - The Melodyst

  Duration: 00:03:59
Release date: 2016-07-22
Label: Treasure Records
Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1/iron-planet-edit__7636683
<![CDATA[Kill Mode (Edit) - The Melodyst]]> http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1/kill-mode-edit__7636672 Kill Mode (Edit) - The Melodyst

  Duration: 00:03:24
Release date: 2016-07-22
Label: Treasure Records
Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1/kill-mode-edit__7636672
<![CDATA[Hardcore Nightmares, Vol. 1 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1 Hardcore Nightmares, Vol. 1 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Methods of Mutilation (Official Dominator 2016 Anthem) - Furyan feat. Alee
Get Hard (Edit Version) - Tha Playah
Call of Fury (Edit) - DJ Mad Dog
Rage (Bodyshock Remix Radio Edit) - Crossfiyah
Bloodrush (Destructive Tendencies Remix) - Miss K8 & Angerfist
Wild Sparks (Radio Edit) - Re-Style & Body-Shock
Hardcore Motherfucker (Edit) - Radio Killah
Get up on It (Edit) - Quitara
Unchain the Pain - The Endless Souls
The Plague (Radio Edit) - Dyprax
Vitamins (Radio Edit) - Decipher & Shinra
Masters (Radio Edit) - Catscan & Decipher
A New Dawn (Radio Edit) - Korsakoff & Furyan
Black Flowers (Radio Edit) - DaY-Mar & Icha
Unit of Measure (Radio Edit) - Re-Style
Gangsters (Edit) - Restrained
S.I.C.K. (Edit) - Neophyte & Nosferatu
God Damn Noise (Edit) - Evil Activities
Stay True (Edit) - Synthax
Sickness (Edit) - AniMe
Kill Mode (Edit) - The Melodyst
Nightfort (Edit Version) - Furyan & Kasparov
I Hate Children (Edit) - Alien T
Killscreen (Edit) - Advanced Dealer & Kutski
Down the Real (Radio Edit) - Predator & Catscan
Utopia - The Endless Souls
The Gangster''s Back (Radio Edit) - Bodyshock
Dope Shit (Radio Edit) - Unexist & Malke
Sometimes (Radio Edit) - DaY-Mar
Arabic Impact (Radio Edit) - Javi Boss
If You Want It Like That (Furyan Radio Remix) - Tha Playah
Iron Planet (Edit) - The Melodyst
Your Betrayal (Edit) - Tommyknocker & Art Of Fighters
Punk Mf (Full DJ Mix) - Suicide Circle
Naga Jolokia (Full DJ Mix) - Ruffneck
Hunt (Full DJ Mix) - Enzyme X
Nyctophilia (Full Edit) - Miss Hysteria
Hi-R - Tensor & Re-Direction
Destiny - Brawler, The Strikers

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/hardcore-nightmares-vol-1
<![CDATA[Kill Mode (Edit) - The Melodyst]]> http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/harmony-of-hardcore-2016/kill-mode-edit__7419533 Kill Mode (Edit) - The Melodyst

  Duration: 00:03:24
Release date: 2016-05-13
Label: Derailed Traxx
Fri, 13 May 2016 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/the-melodyst/harmony-of-hardcore-2016/kill-mode-edit__7419533
<![CDATA[Bassleader 2015 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/bassleader-2015 Bassleader 2015 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Frozen Planet (Official Bassleader 2015 Anthem) (Extended Mix) - Psyko Punkz
Love X Hate (Radio Version) - Max Enforcer and Coone
Like A Loco (Extended Version) - Psyko Punkz
Wolfs (Radio Version) - Noisecontrollers
WAT (Radio Version) - Atmozfears and Energyzed
Doutzen (Extended Mix) - Psyko Punkz
The Way I Follow (Extended Mix) - Dr Rude featuring Mc DL
Love For The Game (Radio Version) - Coone
Hit The Bong (Radio Edits) - Psyko Punkz
Hands Up! (Radio Version) - Noisecontrollers
Back To The Underground (Radio Edit) - Zatox and Audiofreq
Rough MF (Extended Mix) - Psyko Punkz
Shift (Radio Version) - Stephanie
Ferocity (Radio Version) - Malua
Save Me (Radio Version) - Phuture Noize
Firestarter (Radio Version) - Ran-D and E-Life
Divine (Radio Edit) - B-Freqz
Whiplashed (Radio Version) - Digital Punk and Adaro
May God Be With You All (Radio Version) - Gunz For Hire
Kountdown (Radio Version) - Hard Attakk
Bassleader 2015 Full Mix By Psyko Punkz - Various Artists
Rampage (Radio Version) - Hard Driver
Those Summer Nights (Original Edit) - The Pitcher
Resonant Part 2 (Original Version) - Digital Mindz
Getting Off (Original Edit) - Frequencerz and Titan
We Are One (Radio Version) - B-Front
Just A Memory (Radio Version) - Prefix and Density
Rumble In The Jungle (Radio Version) - Zatox
Choppin'' Bodies (Radio Version) - Radical Redemption and Hard Driver
Ravers Religion (Radio Version) - Endymion and Kutski
POW! (Extended Mix) - Hard Driver
Brooklyn (Radio Edit) - Gunz For Hire
Overdose (Radio Version) - B-Freqz
Zombies (Radio Version) - Kronos featuring Coppa
Click Clack (Radio Version) - Outbreak and Kronos
Sweet Insanity (Radio Version) - Endymion
Fuck Y''all If You Doubt Me (Radio Version) - Sub Sonik
Deception (Radio Version) - Warface
This is Madness (Radio Edit) - Atmozfears and Sub Zero Project
Raw From the Heart (Radio Version) - Outbreak
Existence Through Sound (Extended Mix) - Phuture Noize
Karate Kidz (Radio Version) - High Voltage and Bass Chaserz
Bassleader 2015 Full Mix By Hard Driver - Various Artists
Autumn Green (Original Version) - Josh & Wesz
I Survived (Radio Version) - The Hose
Get Down (Extended Mix) - Da Tweekaz
Retrospect - Josh & Wesz
Perfect Love (Radio Version) - Wildstylez and Demi Kanon
Pulsation (Radio Version) - TNT
World at Peace (Radio Version) - Josh & Wesz
A.Y.B. (Radio Version) - TNT
All Heart (Extended Mix) - Mandy
Lies Or Truth (Radio Version) - Wildstylez and Brennan Heart
The Forgotten Path (Official Pumpkin 2015 Anthem) (Extended Mix) - Cyber and Villain
Broken Record (Radio Version) - Low-E and Zero Sanity
Let Me See Ya (Noisecontrollers remix) (Radio Version) - Bass Modulators
The Sound Of The Beast (Dr. Rude Remix) (Radio Version) - Donkey Rollers
Zero Fucks Given (Refuzion Remix) (Extended Mix) - Da Tweekaz featuring MC V
Mindgame (Original Version) - Josh & Wesz featuring D-Clear
Down Low 2015 (Radio Version) - Deepack
Paranoid (Radio Version) - Ran-D and Phuture Noize
Bassleader 2015 Full Mix By Josh & Wesz - Various Artists
Skream - Re-Style and Korsakoff
Night & Day (Radio Version) - The Viper and Re-Style featuring Mc Diesel
You Get Me High (Radio Version) - AniMe and Rob Gee
Posse Of The Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015) (Radio Version) - Dyprax featuring MC Nolz
Chooke (Radio Version) - G-Ohm
Fire (Radio Version) - Bodyshock
How To Fuck (Radio Version) - Decipher and Shinra
Down Below - Tha Playah and Promo featuring Snowflake
Desolation (Radio Version) - Crossfiyah
Riders of Retaliation (Official Dominator Anthem 2015) (Radio Version) - Tha Playah and Nosferatu
Party & Bullshit - Synthax
Fallen Angels (Radio Version) - The Melodyst
Sanctity Of Space (Radio Version) - Nosferatu
The Culture - D-Passion
Last Man Standing (The Outside Agency remix) - The DJ Producer
Krakaka - D-Fence
Slapeloosheid - Furyan
Deliver The Message - Repix
Miscreant (Radio Version) - Dyprax
Underground Existence - Unexist
Sound Becomes One - Partyraiser and Destructive Tendencies
Main Motherfuckerz - Hardbouncer
Rip It Up (Radio Version) - Drokz
You''re No Competition - Partyraiser and Scrapeface
Bassleader 2015 Full Mix By Nosferatu - Various Artists

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Sun, 08 Nov 2015 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/bassleader-2015
<![CDATA[Project Hardcore #ph14 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/project-hardcore-ph14 Project Hardcore #ph14 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Stress - Bloodcage
Dead Man Walking #TiH - Evil Activities
Trippin'' (Edit) - Placid K
Let These Motherfuckers Know - Noize Suppressor
Reconnect - Pandorum
Before You Go #TiH - Tommyknocker
Knock Knock - Angerfist
Leaders of the Core (Project Hardcore 2014 Anthem) - Noize Bangerz featuring MC Jeff
The Reaper - N-Vitral and Triax
Carnival of Doom - Noize Suppressor
Rewind #TiH (Edit) - DJ Mad Dog
Break it down - StereoType featuring Noize Suppressor
Bring The Pain - Angerfist and Noize Suppressor
Here We Go - Noize Bangerz
Informer - Sei2ure
Ghost Rider - Tommyknocker featuring Unexist
Never Look Back - Noize Suppressor and StereoType
Inner Side (The Sickest Squad remix) - Meccano Twins
Door Het Dak! - Neophyte Records All Stars
Knockout (Edit) - The Melodyst
Goodbye (See you next time) - Art Of Fighters
Project Hardcore #ph14 Continuous Mix by Noize Bangerz - Noize Bangerz
This Is Drugs - Tymon featuring Bloodievoice
The Devil (Edit) - Brainwash
Militant March - Section Grabuge and The Punisher
Sentenced (Edit) - Andy The Core, F.Noize
Industry (Edit) - Onesimk
Lord Of The Underground - F. Noize
Rage - The Punisher and F. Noize
Destiny - Destructive Tendencies and Hardbouncer
Look When You Shoot - Partyraiser featuring MC Da Mouth Of Madness
Driven By Hate (Edit) - Tha Playah
Geef Maar Gas - System Overload
Cracks In The Cradle - Deterrent Man
La Bomba - Partyraiser and F. Noize
Fresh With The Gargle (Partyraiser Remix) - Angerfist and Crucifier
Leaders of the Core PH14 anthem (F. Noize Remix) - Noize Bangerz featuring MC Jeff
Superman 2014 - F.Noize, Glenx
Evil Minion - Bartoch, Da Horseman and Sandy Warez
Respect - Braincrash
Destruction - SRB
Ajeje Brazorf - Deterrent Man and F. Noize
Project Hardcore #ph14 Continuous Mix By F. Noize - F. Noize

Fri, 12 Dec 2014 00:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-22/project-hardcore-ph14