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  Duration: 00:05:02
Release date: 2015-04-13
Label: Essential Dance
Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/thomas-datt/trance-dj-essentials-vol-1/prana-flow-edit__6362497
<![CDATA[Trance DJ Essentials, Vol. 1 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/trance-dj-essentials-vol-1 Trance DJ Essentials, Vol. 1 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Stealth (Edit) - Dan Thompson
The Pillars Of Creation (Edit) - Mark Sherry
Black Rock (Original Mix) - Cold Blue
414 (Original Mix) - N2O vs Cell X
Summer Dream (Original Mix) - Kuffdam & Plant
Shadow Of You (Original Mix) - Matt Bowdidge
Repercussion (Original Mix) - Sebastian Brandt
Prana Flow (Edit) - Thomas Datt
Seriously (Original Mix) - ReOrder & First Effect
The Siege (Original Mix) - Matt Eray

Sun, 12 Apr 2015 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/trance-dj-essentials-vol-1
<![CDATA[Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian & Thomas Datt]]> http://www.djtunes.com/steve-brian/calera-remixed/vueltas-thomas-datt-remix__4831569 Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian & Thomas Datt

  Duration: 00:07:59
Release date: 2012-05-23
Label: Tool Records
Tue, 22 May 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/steve-brian/calera-remixed/vueltas-thomas-datt-remix__4831569
<![CDATA[Calera Remixed - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/calera-remixed Calera Remixed - Various Artists

  Track list:
Calera (Reminder Remix) - Steve Brian
Yaya (Estiva Remix) - Steve Brian
Yaya (Cressida Remix) - Steve Brian
Vueltas (Dan Stone Remix) - Steve Brian & Dan Stone
Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian & Thomas Datt
Vueltas (Solace & Solitude Remix) - Steve Brian & Solace & Solitude
Vueltas (Kamil Esten Remix) - Steve Brian
Arure (Ocean Influence Mix) - Steve Brian
Day Star (Ocean Influence Mix) - Steve Brian
Jenny (SHato & Paul Rockseek Remix) - Steve Brian
San Sebastian (Ocean Influence Mix) - Steve Brian
Garajonay (Mar She Remix) - Steve Brian
La Playa (Wellenrausch Remix) - Steve Brian
Salida del Sol (Ocean Influence Mix) - Steve Brian
Salida del Sol (Sequentia Remix) - Steve Brian

Tue, 22 May 2012 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/calera-remixed
<![CDATA[Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian & Thomas Datt]]> http://www.djtunes.com/steve-brian/vueltas-remixed/vueltas-thomas-datt-remix__4829716 Vueltas (Thomas Datt Remix) - Steve Brian & Thomas Datt

  Duration: 00:07:59
Release date: 2012-03-19
Label: Tool Records
Sun, 18 Mar 2012 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/steve-brian/vueltas-remixed/vueltas-thomas-datt-remix__4829716
<![CDATA[Phoenix Burn (Activa Remix) - Thomas Datt]]> http://www.djtunes.com/thomas-datt/trance-2thousand11/phoenix-burn-activa-remix__4048276 Phoenix Burn (Activa Remix) - Thomas Datt

  Duration: 00:07:11
Release date: 2011-04-18
Label: White Label Recordings
Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/thomas-datt/trance-2thousand11/phoenix-burn-activa-remix__4048276
<![CDATA[Trance 2thousand11 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/trance-2thousand11 Trance 2thousand11 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Rulebook (Original Mix) - Sean Tyas
Find (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix) - Ridgewalkers ft. El
The Gathering (Original Mix) - Russell G
Virus (Original Mix) - M.A.Z.7
Playback (Maori Games Remix) - I-Vision and Gilbert Am
Impossible (John OCallaghan Remix) - Matt Hardwick, Gulf
Fade To Black (Sean Tyas Remix) - John Askew
Amsterdam Calling (Original Mix) - Anthony Yarranton
Silence (Original Mix) - Vadim Miner
Don't Look Back (Original Mix) - Chrisso
Phoenix Burn (Activa Remix) - Thomas Datt
Sottozero (Original Mix) - Anthony El Mejor
Green Light (Original Mix) - Electrofix
Our Home (Alandanat Remix) - Edu
Back Or What (Original Mix) - Corti Organ
Break The Rules (Manuel De La Mare Dub) - Tyler Michaud
Chic Night (Original Mix) - Chic Magique ft. Linda Lugnet
Dark Spark (Original Mix) - Gavyn Mytchel
Dying Streetlamp (Original Mix) - F-Act
Gofum City (Original Mix) - Steve May

A collection of seriously large trance music, a snapshot sound of trancefeaturing the mighty and good of the trance scene and some of the biggest tracks put there. Sean Tyas classic Rulebook, is closely followed by the brand new Alex M.O.R.P.H remix of Ridgewalkers Find Russell G, Matt Hardwick, John Ocallaghan and John Askew all then come thick and fast, giving a massive overdose of quality peak time material. Exciting new talent such as Anthony Yarranton, Vadim Miner and Corti Organ are also featured on this collection, alongside the trance masters such as Thomas Datt and active who combine on the Phoenix Burn track. Steve May, Tyler Michaud and Gavyn Mytchel bring the collection to and end, and round off a perfect collection for any trance fan.
Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-14/trance-2thousand11
<![CDATA[40 Winter Trance Hits 2011 - Various Artist]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artist-2/40-winter-trance-hits-2011 40 Winter Trance Hits 2011 - Various Artist

  Track list:
Disarm Yourself (Radio Edit) - Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
Go Fast! (Original Mix Edit) - Orjan Nilsen
Reflected (Cressida Remix) - Fabio XB
Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix Edit) - Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills
Mercury (Original Mix Edit) - Ilya Soloviev
Godless (Original Mix Edit) - Robert Nickson & Thomas Datt
The Blacksmith (Paul Trainer Remix) - THE KING & The Thief
International Departures (Classic Anthem Mix Edit) - Myon & Shane 54
Beggin' You (Armin van Buuren Remix Edit) - Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren
North Pole (Ben Gold Remix) - Solid Globe
Head Rush (Original Mix) - Mike Foyle presents Statica
Shades Of Grey (Original Mix Edit) - DJ Governor
Light Up (Original Mix) - Heatbeat feat. Jeza
Run To My Rescue (Original Mix) - Shogun Feat. Emma Lock
Lift (Original Mix) - Sean Tyas
Sun In The Winter (Estiva Remix) - Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy
I Feel You (John O'Callaghan Remix Edit) - Lustral
Ambrosia (Estiva Remix) - Vast Vision
Up In Smoke (Original Mix Edit) - Robbie Nelson
If I Could (Bart Claessen 2001 Returning Mix) - Susana & Bart Claessen
Ready (Sneijder Remix) - Giuseppe Ottaviani and Walsh & McAuley feat. Emma Lock
For The People (Edit) - Arnej
Still Waters (Original Mix) - Thomas Bronzwaer
You and Me (Radio Mix) - Aurosonic and FKN featuring Trine
Days Of Wonder (Original Mix Edit) - M6
Shadows The Sun (Nifra Remix) - Julian Vincent feat. Jessie Morgan
The Art Of Love (Protoculture Remix) - M.I.K.E.
Drowning (Original Mix) - ECO
Botnik (Original Mix Edit) - J.O.C.
Intimate Strangers (Aly & Fila Remix) - John Askew
Liberate (David Forbes Remix Edit) - Signum feat. Kate Louise Smith
Rattle (Original Mix) - Ben Nicky
Decadance (Denga & Manus Mix Edit) - Vengeance
Shawarma (Radio Edit) - Heatbeat
The Other World (Original Mix) - Hoyaa
Mindful (Radio Edit) - DNS Project feat. Johanna
Harmonies (Original Mix Edit) - Ashley Wallbridge
Time (Radio Edit) - Paul Webster feat. Angelic Amanda
Sin City (Rex Mundi Remix Edit) - Dakota
Mainstage (Radio Edit) - W&W

Thu, 24 Feb 2011 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artist-2/40-winter-trance-hits-2011