Thomas Petersen Biography

Swedish Hard Trance producer. Living in Kungsbacka, a town near Gothenburg. Thomas releases are featured on more than 150 CD compilations such as Future Trance, Dream Dance, Hard Dance Mania, Trancemaster and endless of Tunnel Trance Force volumes.

He has released vinyls and Maxi-CDs since 2006 on record labels such as Tunnel Records, Cuepoint Records, Global Airbeatz, Planet Punk Music, Mental Madness and done official remixes for some of the biggest names like DJ Gollum, Brooklyn Bounce, DJ Dean, Empyre One, Accuface, Pulsedriver, Jan Wayne to name a few. Thomas has also a couple of remixes on the Greatest Hits album from Brooklyn Bounce which was released on CD and DVD in 2011.

His own singles have been remixed by artists such as Dream Dance Alliance, Topmodelz, Talla 2XLC, DJ Dean, Empyre One, Discotronic, Accuface etc...

Thomas has collaborated with DJ Space Raven, Lisaya, Empyre One, Gainworx and worked with the lead singer from the world famous group Era on Soulcry – A Life So Changed which was one of the most successful Trance singles in 2007.

His most recent single is a collab with two legendary artists: Mega 'Lo Mania and Franca Morgano, the singer from Magic Affair.

Thomas is signed on Mental Madness, the label owned by Brooklyn Bounce, Cuepoint Records, the label owned by Jan Wayne, Metrophonic Resistance, the label owned by Accuface, Spin That Records, the label owned by Megara vs. DJ Lee.