Tony Anatone Biography

His passion for music start since he was a teenager. He was especially interested to the pioneers of the dance music of 90's, that have made the history of this kind of music. In 1998 He began to play music in the prive of the ULTIMO IMPERO of Airasca, an historical's discotheque of Piedmont. His passion has allowed Him to go ahead and play music in many trendy club in northern Italy including: Palace (TO), Domina (Sv), Cage (To), Twister (Cn), Parhasar (To), Pigalle (Ao), Shock (Cn), Xdox (To), Ecu (Ri) , Florida (Bs) Centralino (To), Privilege (To), Due (Vc), Ninfa Egeria (Im), Horus (Sv), Rolling Stones (Mi), Museum Centre (Rc), Alcatraz (Mi) and many others. Now he produces records for major labels like: Baroque Records, Clorophilla Records, Berlin Aufnahmen, Capsula Recordings, Speca Records, Unseen Records Colombia, Progrezo Records. He sounds a kind of music very rythmate, full of restarts, characterized by poliedric sound: from the most hard up to the Techno Minimal sounds.