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  Duration: 00:07:17
Release date: 2014-08-22
Label: Aquabase Records
Thu, 21 Aug 2014 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/trance-top-200/our-way__5604524
<![CDATA[Trance Top 239 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/trance-top-200 Trance Top 239 - Various Artists

  Track list:
In Two At More Ease (Sacha Remix) - Rene Ablaze meets Oen Bearen & Pillow
Lost in Madagascar - Dare
Keys of Life (Gerry Fischer Acidcut Remix) - South Germany Trance
Reflected (Radio Mix) - Ian Buff
You & I Forever (Radio Mix) - Frank Dattilo, René Ablaze
Cocaine 2k9 - Wavetraxx Remix - Dj Tom-x Vs Warmduscher
Argone 2008 (DJ Sakin Remix) - DJ Sakin vs. weimaR
Gamashe - Second Element
Blue Tone - Hivanova
Riga Nights (DJ Whirl Remix) - [Ex] da Bass & Ian Brearley
No Signal (Radio Mix) - Tranceye
Change of Mind (DJ Sakin Remix) - Dreamwalker
Plan Flight (Remix Edit) - Harddriver Project
Two Worlds Collide (Rene Ablaze Pres. Fallen Skies) - Dirkie Coetzee & Ludgy
Keep Out - Carlos Olmo
Altitude 1600 - Schwarz & Funk
Bright Lights - Mr.9 feat. Oonagh & Oriana
Immortals of Minoa (Dennis Reed Remix) - Frozen Skies
Dancing With the Stars - DJ Any
Hard Trance Millennium - Hardstyle Provider
Parasonoid (Club Mix) - S-Mos
You Take Me Away - Janina Faith
No Reason to Sleep (Gowood Remix) - Cryostasis
Fly Away - Bikini Beats
Deja Voodoo - Toxic Universe
Tomorrow - Noise Force
Cold Realistic - Max Cavaliere
Pervert (1995 Version) - Richbitch
Metro (Nico Parisi Remix) - Nico Parisi Vs Erik Hubo
Earthbound (Autumn Sessions Mix) - Wellenrausch vs. Rene Ablaze
In Your Eyes (Chris Bee Remix) - Housegeist feat. Safrina
Water of Love (Enfortro's Fully-Sync Cut) - Sync Diversity
Sincere - Ian Buff
Far Away (DJ-Evil Remix) - Azora
Dark Knight (Original Mix) - Trance Arts
Synthed Out - Dean Sutton
The King of Poker (Hoxygen Vocal Remix) - Alex Teddy & Marko T. vs. Stephan F
Move Your Body (Sex & Dance Mix) - Dj Power
Dark Knight (Blue Tente Uplifting Remix) - Trance Arts
Afterlife (Extended Mix) - Dj Resound
A Single Point of Light - Pyramid Head
Dont talk to me (Original Mix) - Mellow Reflector
Searching 4 Love - Black Pulsar
Delusion(Original Mix) - Duality
Oberon (DJ Ren-D Remix) - Nico Parisi
Antarctic Night (Alexander Popov Remix) - Blue Tente
Constructed - Nic Error
Everything Continues - Monotape
Nobody Knows (Rene Ablaze Remix) - Torsten Fassbender feat. Julie-Anne Melfi
Imagine (North Star Mix) - Jason van Wyk & Dreamquest
Ipanema - John Miller
Arcadia (Fred Numf Remix) - Foxxy
Ecounter (Club Mix) - Tino Tamillo
Find Your Way (Dub Mix) - Michael Angelo Vs Solo Feat.Vicky Fee
Stay (Adex Remix) - KASA
High Definition - Renovatio
Sea of Dreams (Haris C Remix) - Digitalis
Without You (Plant Remix) - Haris C
Fabulous (Dub Mix) - Santerna Feat Loetto
Ocean Blue - Michael Angelo & Jim
Intoxication (Extended Mix) - KOHBROS.
Ocean of Minds (Mindsoundscapes MSC Remix) - Oliver Imseng
Don't Talk to Me (Club Mix) - Mellow Reflector
Vaultec01A - vaultec 01
Dance (Club Edit) - Smirconia
The Hall of Fame (Short Mix) - thedfh
Creation of Love - Clubjock
2 You Like Bazz - Nigel Hard
Bell Tower - The Mighty Skyscraperz
Legenden - Robert Boom
Another Obscurity (A State of Mind Remix) - NatLife vs Rene Ablaze
Hardstuff (Short Edit) - Psycho
Deep Into the Groove (Just Rhythm Remix) - DJ P'TIT BEN
Love You Baby (Sunrise Ibiza Mix) - Rino da Silva
Supernova (Club Mix) - Trans8 Timeflyer
Tapestry (Sequentia Remix) - Frank Robusch
Mindfull - Mike & Smith
Superstring (DJ Sakin Progressive Mix) - DJ Substance
Pandora - Rapha
Silicon Juice(Original Mix) - CosmixOne
No One - Tim Besamusca
Roll the Mellowdrum (Radio Mix) - DJ Nutz
Our Way - Tunetrax
Close to You - Andy B
Rising Calm 2008 (In Trance Remix) - Interlogic & Chus Lamboa
Friday Scene (Radio Mix) - Clubtune DJ-Team
Der Schieber - The Psy Intelligence
I Can't Let This Pain Begin - Tammy
Feelings (Bayleigh Full Vocal Remix) - Autodidact ft Laura
I love the 90's (Uhannezon Trance Radio Recall 2008) - Dr. Alban vs. Haddaway
Sequence 404 (Definable Remix) - Steve Bengaln
Psy Geknatter - The Psy Intelligence
Take Away (Club 4000 Mix) - DJ Sakin
Only for Tonight (Ertan Karadeniz Club Mix) - Boryka Presents Ayesha Adamo
God's Cognac - Sashamato
Night Sun (Night Clouds Fast Mix) - PietP
Spinning Fantasy (Radio Mix) - Brixx
Light Breeze - Cagan Nazlioglu
Loneliness - SamKa
For the Floor - Riccardo Lunis
We Are (Wave Organ Mix) - DJ Kayowa
Wind On Sky - Dj Skyone
My Heart Is Beating (JB Lacer Remix) - Samuraj & Golden Mind
Better Alone - Imperfection
Universe - Techtone
Ndake ndake - E-Beiz
One Time (Trance Edit) - Sunrise Electro
Dreamcatcher (Cult Version) - Voodoozone
Transsib - Dexter Curtin
Sunclip (Club Edit) - Smirconia
My Way (Radio Edit) - Statiknorm
Nostalgia (Amada Remix) - SoundLift
Chew Z - Gizgier
Osher (Original Mix) - DJ Barb B
Beba 2.0 (Liquid M remix) - Wittendoerfer
Where Have You Gone (Tbm DJ Radio Edit) - Surisan
Moonlight (80s vocal Mix) - Mark Trade
Trance After Sex - Vanghoul
Blow Me - Ros Tibler
Dreams of Infinity - Sven Nielsen
Intro - DJ Any
The Trust (Radio Mix) - Matt De Vries
13th Street (Lexikon Remix) - Brixx
Killer - Ciro Viscone
White Horses (Bushi Mix) - Evelio
Infected Object - Cosmic Mantis
You're Makin' Me High (Super Cafone Radio Edit) - Deep.Spirit
Connected (Radio Edit) - Trance Ape
Bubble Pussy - Sashamato
Connect to Come Back - Andy Finn & Nick Sunchild
Hold On (John Stigter Remix) - First Ascent
Ave Maria (Dub Church Mix) - Saphire & Weimar
Blue Mountains (Hypoterm Remix) - Sinytal
Angel Eye - Steve Rock
Moonway - Dj Ray
Evolution - Miles An Miles
Airydeep - Louis Desero
Lust for Life (Avari's Dub Trance Remix) - Bass Force
Feel - Dj Ives M
Call It Love (N.Y.M Extended Edit) - Fabrizio e Marco
The Flight ( Ultra Original Mix ) - Rino da Silva
High - Lico Valessa
New Life (Goliath 2009 Schwerin-Mix) - Wittendoerfer
Blumenchor - Marc Nuit
Dark Movie - Pupsidelic
The Escape - Tim Cost
Ocean's Flow - Inner Smile
Planet Trance - F.B. Alex
House of Love (Trance Remix) - DJ Axel F. Feat. Mauf
With Or Without You (M-Sequence Trance Mix) - El-Tone
Fallibility - Dodo Basnak
Sputnik (Marc Nuit's Shuttle Mix) - Rick Siron
Neverending Love - Timbor
It's the Truth (Radio Edit) - Aws
Chilling Softly (Setd Up Origin Dodmix) - Dodo Basnak
Latibonit - Dj Papash
Miles Away (DJ Sakin Remix) - DJ Substance
Out of the Dark - Miss Marge
Access Progress - Trancelovers vs DJ Cyber
Twenty Seven (Special Remix) - Status
Summerride - Mc Blaze
Forever - Billy Gillies
Elevation (Deadskin Remix) - Martin Skills & Dazzling White
Avec Moi (Tom Poison Progressiv Club Mix) - Alphaknight
World of Fantasy - Raz
Sands of Time (Tamerlan & Djons Remix) - Fluidis
Feel You Free (Hard Trance Mix) - Dj Nice
Magellan (Bluebear Project Remix) - Fleeticer
Chilling Softly (Original Dodmix) - Dodo Basnak
Ocean of Love Original Mix - Marco D
Don`t Forget 2 - Styleshaker
Further Nights (Original Mix) - Lunatic Inc.
Second Fusion - DJ Zdeuf
Monster Mash - Ben Fraser
Reaction (Paul Ercossa Remix) - Thomas Ulstrup
Surrender (Marco Klose Rmx) - Marc Close
Tears (Original Mix) - Atmotion
Tamerlan & Djons - Let Me Feel Your Love Again - Tamerlan & Djons
Vantarez - Naraya - Vantarez
Neuroleptica (Original Mix) - Sven Nielsen
Sleepwalker - Ray Subject
Metamorphosis (Radio Edit) - Luca De Maas
Apricot (Extended Version) - Malatya 44
Still Inside (Ron Creemers Remix) - David Leeson & Toni
Blackberry Ice (Original Mix) - G Fox
Light Show (Nature Remix) - Science Vs Nature
The Key 2 Heaven (Ian Source Rmx) - Dave Cold
Nathala (Samuli Piela Remix) - Purplastic
Expression - Iain Cross - Iain Cross
Dreamland (Original Mix) - Mickey Santos
Dance with me(The Haloween Song)Trance Version - DJ Skytrack
Gluttony - Viper
Weekend Off to Goa 2 - Anjey Sarnawski
Peace Empire - Rya
Away - Dacore
Sunburn - Lukas Guels
The Night (Dark Summer version) - Faxi Nadu
Deep Impact - Panayota
Soul Craters - Duality
The Light - Ben Quarman
Oberon ep ( Original Mix) - Nico Parisi
Antarctic Night (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) - Blue Tente
Nobody Knows (Basil O Glue Remix) - Torsten Fassbender feat. Julie-Anne Melfi
Soundscape - MONKEY TUNES
Ipanema (Mindsoundscapes Ibiza Remix) - John Miller
Arcadia (Persequor Remix) - Foxxy
Stay (Trancepulse Inc Remix) - KASA
Mike Shiver's Garden State Re Dub - Michael Angelo Vs Solo Feat.Vicky Fee
Without You (Michael Angelo & Jim Remix) - Haris C
Intoxication (Amboza Remix) - KOHBROS.
Argone 2008 (Soulcry meets Straight Ahead Rmx) - DJ Sakin vs. weimaR
Ocean of Minds (Breaksoundscapes Remix) - Oliver Imseng
Friends & Colors - Friends & Colors
Transmission - 49-1
Vienla (extendet version) - The Green Point
Beat Conducter - Ronny Balboa
Dance (Don't Stop) [Club Voc Edit] - Smirconia
Neverland (Trancepulse Inc Remix) - Kate Lesing
The Order (Synergy Club Mix) - Rino da Silva
Trance (He Is Here) (Album Version) - Technochrist
Spanish Eyes (Flamenco Mix) - Saphire & weimaR
Final Destination - thedfh
Pump the Bazz(Original Mix) - Nigel Hard
Gallium (MW Mix) - Martin Wilkinson
Breath of the Universe - Robert Boom
hardstuff ( thedfh Remix ) - Psycho
Shining High (Vocal Club Mix) - Nutshell
The Elements (MW Mix) - Martin Wilkinson
Mens Rea (DJ Wag Edit) - Alex Losy
Sense the Tears (DJ Sakin remix) - DJ Sakin vs Brixx ft X-Ray
reload - thematrix911
Get in Trance - Trans8 Timeflyer
Original Mix - Frank Robusch
Metro Ep 2008 Metro Original Mix - Nico Parisi Vs Erik Hubo
tonight ( Radio Edit ) - thedfh
Mindfull (DJ Sakin Progressive Mix) - Mike & Smith
Pandora (Eddie Sender Remix) - Rapha
Lost Comet - Tim Besamusca
A Never Ending Dream - Loopo Inc.
Trance Affairs - The Psy Intelligence
Roll the Mellowdrum (Future Breeze Remix) - DJ Nutz
Connect (Extended Album Mix) - Clubtune DJ-Team

Thu, 21 Aug 2014 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-6/trance-top-200
<![CDATA[Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax]]> http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/trance-2011/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__4878491 Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax

  Duration: 00:07:32
Release date: 2011-04-08
Label: Aquabase Records
Thu, 07 Apr 2011 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/trance-2011/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__4878491
<![CDATA[Trance 2011 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/trance-2011 Trance 2011 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Love Again (Charlottenburg Mix) - Charlottenburg Feat. Lstrance
Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax
Ibiza Beach (My Island Dance Remix) - No Panties Allowed
The Flight ( Ultra Original Mix ) - Rino da Silva
Between Us (Club Mix) - DJ Sakin
Neoship (Original Mix) - Slaxory
Party Night (Original Mix) - Firefunk Project
Spectral - Ayon
Common Geometry - Hosenfeld
Seconds Before Sunrise (Original Mix) - Bardalimov
The Way of Life (Orginalmix) - Josh Grape
Hudson Street (Original Mix) - Shawn Cartwright
Blackmail - Original Mix - David Mcrae
Devotion (Mellow Reflector Edit) - Cor Sanders
Biochemist - Original Mix - Jay P
Slideshow (Original Mix) - Martin Jurenka
Flying (Original Mix) - Cybertech & Marin Bezhanov
Air Turbulence - I5land
Silverstar (Original Mix) - Lex Dash
The King of Poker (Hoxygen Vocal Remix) - Alex Teddy & Marko T. vs. Stephan F
Resistance (Original Mix) - Bardalimov
One time (Trance Version) - Sunrise Electro
Daydream - Mindwipe M
Reveal a Secret (Original Mix) - Vantarez Feat. Ed Collain
Hardbeatz(Original Mix) - Nigel Hard
Close to You (Original mix) - Andy B
One time (Trance Edit) - Sunrise Electro
Energise (Fragment A) - Deepwave
I Will Resurge - Fantomen
Way to Paradise (Original Mix) - Sasa Clubber
Voyage to Far Galaxies - Armageddance
Dreams and Realities (Original Mix) - Colin & Roxx

Thu, 07 Apr 2011 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/trance-2011
<![CDATA[Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax]]> http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/aqb-essentials-vol-1/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__4848619 Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax

  Duration: 00:07:32
Release date: 2009-12-07
Label: Aquabase Records
Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/aqb-essentials-vol-1/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__4848619
<![CDATA[Aqb-Essentials Vol. 1 - Various Artists]]> http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/aqb-essentials-vol-1 Aqb-Essentials Vol. 1 - Various Artists

  Track list:
Roll the Mellowdrum (Original Mix) - DJ Nutz
Starflight (Original Mix) - Chris Dawn
Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax
99.9 (DJ Slideout vs Roland Kenzo Mix) - SL-Tronic
What u feel - DJ Brush
F**k U! (Weichei`s 69 Position Mix) - Weichei
This World Is Mine (Club Mix) - Dj Neotronic
Final Fantasy (Darren Tech Remix) - Alex Deluxe
Passion Spills (Club Mix) - ViDs
Dance (Original Mix) - Basspolice
On the Run (Club Mix) - Vinylriders

Sun, 06 Dec 2009 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/various-artists-10/aqb-essentials-vol-1
<![CDATA[Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax]]> http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/strictly-dance-vol-01/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__6064719 Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax

  Duration: 00:07:32
Release date: 2009-04-06
Label: Aquabase Records
Sun, 05 Apr 2009 22:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/strictly-dance-vol-01/our-way-dj-sakin-remix__6064719
<![CDATA[Our way - Tunetrax]]> http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/our-way Our way - Tunetrax

  Track list:
Our Way - Tunetrax
Our way (DJ Sakin Remix) - Tunetrax

great synphonic-trance by tunetrax incl. hot progressive DJ Sakin Remix!
Wed, 26 Nov 2008 23:00:00 +0000 http://www.djtunes.com/tunetrax/our-way