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2008 sees the birth of a new label called FREAKSTAR DIGITAL managed by Chris Hauer. Freakstar Digital is originated in germany and will release tracks in the spectrum between Minimal, Acid, Tech House and Techno. We are a team of musicians,producers and DJs, specialized in experimental electronic club music. Freakstar Digital is not one of those generic labels you find on your everyday music shop. It..s a new label looking for new intelligent ways of making music allwyas with an experimental clubbing touch.... Description | read more

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Hologramm 07:32 - played 2017/10/01, 19:55
Chris Hauer
Gedankenstrom 09:50 - played 2017/10/01, 19:50
Michael Ballus
Funkturm 08:02 - played 2017/01/15, 23:11
Michael Ballus
In the Forest 07:32 - played 2017/01/15, 23:11
Michael Ballus
Micro Flower 06:28 - played 2017/01/15, 23:11
Chris Hauer

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