Various Artists Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV - Compiled & Mixed By Silicone Soul

Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV - Compiled & Mixed By Silicone Soul by Various Artists mp3 downloads

Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV - Compiled & Mixed..

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Various Artists

21 Tracks | 03:38:07 h
Released 2017-11-13 on Darkroom Dubs
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Silicone Soul are back behind the controls: Digging deep into the last few years of their labels releases, the Glaswegian duo weave a deep cosmic thread through their labels vast yet consistently mesmerising output to create yet another soul-shrouding, attention-arresting mix that sounds unlike any other.Strictly drawing from their own label curations means the mix creates its own boundary-burning realm of timelessness. Whether its the deep reverberations and synth shimmers of Pedro Aguiar''s Western Digital, the spiked-out acidic rigorousness of Justin Robertson''s remix of Dimitri Veimar, the outright funk-blasted trippiness of Skinnerbox or the poignant ebbs and flows of Dubspeeka''s Time, Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedies selection consistency runs throughout Both as DJs and as label owners.This is key to Craig and Graeme''s vision since Darkroom Dubs launched in 2003: To celebrate, nurture and push the underground music they love to play, to make and to support. Those musical moments that lure your attention and imagination, pulling you into their own worlds where not all is as it seems; organic and digital, house and techno, release and restraint all entwine with a sense of momentum, direction and often deep hypnosis. Featuring some of the label''s closest friends, not only is Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV a reminder of recent spellbinding wax chapters, or Silicone Souls storytelling skills as DJs, it''s also a showcase of some of house and techno''s most exciting emerging and established talents; Pedro Aguiar, Skinnerbox, Ryan Crosson, Remain, Of Norway, Dubspeeka and many more feature on this captivating journey.As the label prepares for its 15th anniversary next year, and Silicone Soul celebrate their 20th year, Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV marks as the perfect line in the sand for the many ageless records they''ve given us and what we''ve got to look forward to in the future. Artwork by Dave Beazley. Mastered by Conor Dalton at Glowcast

Release Credits: "Various Artists - Darkroom Dubs Vol. IV - Compiled & Mixed By Silicone Soul", ," released 2017-11-13 on Darkroom Dubs ,EAN/UPC8718723094337/

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