Wehbba Biography

The dj and producer Rodolfo Wehbba is one of the most important brazillian electronic music representant worldwide.
His flexible production skills has been drawing attention from critics and public, as he goes from slower to faster bpms with the same signature, always keeping the groove as priority. His dj performances are also very dynamic and can go through all kinds of techno music, which has been leading wehbba to perform internationally with a busy schedule, after his debut in Europe in early 2007.
Being a dj since 2001, this former guitar player from Sao Paulo started to get involved with electrtonic music in 1997, when he lived for some time in Sidney, Australia. There he could be a part of the rising techno scene and, after returning to Brazil, he started to buy records and spin them around. As a producer, his basic style is techno and its subgenres. In 2004 he released his first album (under the “Oil Filter” alias) for a brazilian label called URBR, named Revoltin’. It was sold out in the first 3 months after the release, which led him to play at the main stage in the biggest brazilian electronic music festival, the Skol Beats. Since then he has played all around the country.
His fisrt solo e.p. released in january 2006, called “Flapin’ my Pie Hole” (Killa Beat Rec. - Germany) was sold out in 2 months and played by djs all around the globe, such as Dj Hell, Felipe, and many others, with a great minimal electro remix by Kiddaz.fm’s Dave Shokh. Wehbba has also been requested for remixing some artists like Swoop (Stephan Bodzin), Murphy, Mau Mau (from Brazil), and many others.
He also runs a project called Hybrid Players with Claudio I. They started to produce some tracks together in 2003 just for fun and never stoped since then. Their “Soul Slow” track reached top 6 in Beatport in 2005 and stayed for 1 month, amongst big names like Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, and big labels like Intec.
He has also worked with german dj/label owner Christian Fischer, from definition records, Dj Link, from the portuguese new label Amigos Recordings, Stephane Signore from belgium, to name just a few. He is a cast member from labels such as Primate (England), Craft Music (Germany), YinYang (England), Concept (Holland), Titanium (Austria), Amigos Recordings (Portugal) , Audio Family (Brazil), Tropic (Brazil), Lado Z (Brazil), amongst many others.