Wink Biography

After forming Ovum Recordings as an independent label in October 1994 with
former partner King Britt, Josh recorded the cult classic 'Liquid Summer'.
He went on to release singles for a wide variety of revered European labels
ranging from Belgium's R & S to England's XL Recordings. In 1995, Wink
became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into
mainstream success when he unleashed a string of classics including 'Don't
Laugh'¸ 'I'm Ready' and 'Higher State of Consciousness' that topped charts
worldwide. More recently he has had massive club hits such as 'How's Your
Evening So Far' and 'Superfreak' but he has also gained a lot of attention
trough his remixes for FC Kahuna, Oakenfold, Ladytron, Sting and Depeche
Mode, among others.