Yanou Biography

Yanou (Yann Peifer) made his first steps into the world of music by
producing and writing a couple of tracks for the formation "beam & yanou"
in the late 90ties. After this he became a popular remixer for a vast
number of acts and tracks. Outstanding was his success and the production
of "Heaven" by DJ Sammy and Yanou feat. Do in the year 2001 which became a
worldwide number 1 hit and also won, beside other decorations, the US Dance
Star Award 2002.

After that, Yanou made a trip into pop music and produced the dutch "idols"
which brought him another two golden records. But finally he found his
straight way back into dance business by creating the act "Cascada"
together with Manian. "Everytime we touch" became another outstanding dance
hit all over the world with a number of top ten positions.

The second time for Yanou to have a Top Ten in the US Billboard Charts !
Within the devellopment and the succes of that project, Manian and Yanou
decided to found their own record label "Zooland Records", which has in no
time become one of Germanys most successfull Independents. Beside the new
projects "Liz Kay" and "Manian" he found the time to work on his new single
"King of my Castle" a house-driven remake of the old classic tune by Wamdue
Project. But there is surely more to expect and surely a lot more to come
as he barely leaves the walls of his studio.

Well, if you´re lucky, you can probably find him in the lobby of a nice
hotel, somewhere in the world, playin one of his famous "candlelight mixes"
on the grandpiano ...